Broadcom Corporation

Broadcom Corporation is an American corporation, a manufacturer of integrated circuits for communication devices. The company ranks among the twenty world leaders in sales of semiconductors. 

Samuel Henry and Henry Nicholas founded Broadcom in 1992 in Los Angeles, three years later the company moved to Irvine. 

In 2003, the FSF has found a violation by Broadcom GPL-licensed conditions under which the source code used by the driver for the chipset router 802.11g - contrary to the terms of the license, the driver code has not been published. 

In June 2007, the U.S. Commission on International Trade banned the import of new mobile phones on chips Qualcomm, discover that they are implemented in violation of patents owned by Broadcom. patent relates technological solutions in software, allowing to extend the battery life of your phone. 

The company took part in the Open Handset Alliance - the union involved in the development of open standards for mobile phones.